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The Spiritual Brand Startup coach

Anne Raak

If we haven`t met, I`m the Mission Brand Pioneer, Dr. Anne Raak from Norway. I`m known as a Visionary Leader on a Mission to help Visionary Entrepreneurs Uncover their Mission, go from Invisible to Invincible and build a Mission Brand that Stands Out. Mission On Fire is a Mission Quest in 4 simple steps, based on the Mission Clarity Formula, mapping out your Life Purpose, Soul Gifts and Mission, by combining astrology and numerology in a visionary way, based on an epiphany when I was 30 years old and 3 decades of experience as a facilitator of astrology and numerology.   Thre Mission Quest contains 4 steps. Step 1. Uncover your Life Purpose.Step 2. Uncover your Soul GiftsStep 3. Uncover your MissionStep 4. Go from Invisible to Invincible and Stand OutThe mini course in astrology and numerology is optional and designed to provide information abouth the principles in step 1. and step 2. So why do I want to help visionary entrepreneurs to uncover their Mission and stand out? Ultimately it is about changing the world and saving the planet. That is my big why. I believe you have a life purpose and a Mission to fulfill and I want to help you uncover your Mission because I believe the world needs your contribution.  I had an epiphany in 1968. I was 10 years old and had a glimpse into the future. 40 years ahead. I saw that humanity and the earth were facing severe problems and realized my purpose was to help in this transition together with like-minded people. 40 years has passed. I am ready to help you uncover your mission and empower you to go from invisible to invincible and stand out. I have always been a pioneer on a spiritual path. I graduated as one of the first homeopaths in Norway, back in 1984, a pioneer at practicing alternative medicine at this early stage. I meditated and practiced yoga before most people and embarked on a spiritual path to heal childhood traumas when I was 26, in 1984. I appeared successful and strong. But the reality was the opposite. I struggled with anxiety and traumas and tried to hide my spiritual nature due to fear of rejection. So I tried to fit in to get approval, but it did`nt work. I was a pioneer on a spiritual path. I could not conceal it even if I tried. I lacked support. It was a lonely period of my life. I felt invisible. And I was invisible because I feared to stand out. I suffered from anxiety and played the role of the successful doctor healing the patients while suffering myself. For months and years throughout my life I could not work due to psychological health issues and I became invisible in the eyes of society. But I became a master of overcoming adversity and further educated as a psychotherapist, coach, family therapist and group therapist. And I arranged group retreats taking groups from Norway to the famous medium John Of God in Brazil 5 years in a row. Even if I was well-educated l felt like the best-kept secret for decades until everything changed... My boss fired me. I started all over again. I knew I had a bigger mission. A mission to reach out, outside little Norway, to empower a global audience. I recalled the epiphany from my childhood and started Dr. Anne Raak Brands. I went from invisible to invincible, brushed up my English and created Mission On Fire, an adventurous Mission Quest for visionary entrepreneurs seeking to uncover their mission and stand out, in 4 simple steps. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Brand Your Purpose in 3 Steps

    • A message from Anne Raak

    • How to use the course

    • Your Game Plan

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Week 1. Discover your Mission

    • Your Personal Purpose

    • Purpose Template

    • From Purpose to Mission

    • Discover your Mission

    • Mission Formula

    • Transcript of videos

    • Mission Quiz

    • Facebook prompt

    • Coaching preparation

  • 3

    Week 2. Identify your Dream Clients

    • Narrow your niche

    • The Past and Future YOU

    • Dream Client Archetypes

    • Dream Client Template

    • Cash and Passion

    • Transcript of videos

    • Cash and Passion Template

    • Dream Client Quiz

    • Facebook prompt

    • Coaching Preparation

  • 4

    Week 3. Craft your Brand Message

    • Get your Message across

    • Craft your Brand Message

    • Transcript of videos

    • Brand Message Template

    • Brand Message Quiz

    • Facebook prompt

    • Coaching Preparation

  • 5

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Recommended links

    • Before you go...