Path to Purpose

Path to Purpose

taught by Anne Raak

Course description

1. Get your customized Purpose Brand Formula, a visionary combination of astrology and numerology, to uncover your Life Lessons and Life Purpose. 

2. The first part of the course is designed as a preparation for the 1:1 Life Purpose Discovery session. The goal of the Life Purpose Discovery session is to interpret your chart and coach you on your path to purpose. 

3. After the coaching session resume the course to integrate and ignite your path to purpose. 

Anne Raak
Anne Raak
The Brand Pioneer

I am Anne Raak from Norway, a visionary leader on a mission to empower spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs to uncover and build a Brand in alignment with their Purpose.  

Why do I have a calling to help spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs build visionary Brands? Ultimately, it is about changing the world and saving the planet. This is my Business Vision. My big why. I believe you have Life Lessons to learn and a Life Purpose to share with humanity. My mission is to help you succeed and I believe the world needs your contribution.  

I had an epiphany in 1968. I was 10 years old and had a glimpse into the future, 50 years ahead. I saw that humanity, and the earth were facing severe problems. At that moment I realized that my purpose was to help in this transition together with like-minded people from all over the globe. 

50 years have passed. I am ready to help you uncover your mission, build a visionary Brand, and empower you to leverage your purpose so you can contribute to save the planet.  

I have always been a pioneer on a spiritual path. I graduated as one of the first homeopaths in Norway, back in 1984, a pioneer at practicing alternative medicine at this early stage. I meditated and practiced yoga before most people and embarked on a spiritual path when I was 26, in 1984. 

I further educated as a psychotherapist, coach, group therapist, and facilitator of astrology and numerology. 

I started Visionary Branding Academy in 2016 and reached a global audience.